What is Fumigation?

Fumigation is a process in which a commodity is treated in a gas tight enclosure for certain period of time to eleminate pest infestation without leaving any residual effect. It plays a key role particularly in grain preservation as it controls insects developing inside and outside the grain storage and crawling and hidden pests.

Fumigants are quick-acting and easily penetrate into stored commodities. Unlike spray treatments with contact insecticides, fumigation is a curative treatment with no lingering or residual effect. Fumigated stacks or bulk grains can readily get reinfested, if not protected properly or in the absence of an effective prophylaxis. A major advantage with fumigants is that they can be applied in different types ofstorage situations. Due to this versatility in application and rapid toxicity of the chemicals to pests, fumigation has a prominent role in protecting stored products. In many cases the treatments can be carried out on infested materials without disturbing them in any way.

Problems caused by Stored Product Pests: Direct damage where the kernels are hollowed or otherwise damaged, contamination of stored products with live or dead insects (at all stages of growth) eg: cast skins and droppings damage to wooden structures and various types of food packaging moulding and caking of stored products. Insect activity in grain may produce heat and moisture, which can give rice to the growth of moulds and lead to caking, such a condition will adversely affect germination.

Phosphine Gas (Ph3) Fumigation

Aluminium Phosphide/Magnesium Phosphide are the most commonly used fumigants world wide, when it comes to fumigating stored food products due to its zero residual action. Phosphide fumigants are available in solid form of tablets, pellets, granules, or plates of different brand names. Phosphine fumigants can be used to eliminate insect infestation in a variety of commodities including animal feed and food ingredients, corn, maize, grass seed, tobacco, oats, peanuts, pistachios, popcorn, wheat, rice etc. They can also be used in a variety of processed foods as long as the residue does not come in contact with the product.

All fumigants are highly toxic in nature and require trained personnel for application. We employs trained and experienced fumigators who are capable of handling any type of fumigation. The company is constituted by experts in the field who are not only experienced but also continue to serve on similar areas of operation elsewhre in Gulf Region.